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Welcome to all of you that have registered. More and more people are signing up everyday right around Australia.
We are happy to now offer you a completely free to use carpooling website, so please, tell everyone you can about us so they can get in on the action.
Thanks to everyone who let us know about the suburbs we missed. If you have any suggestions about how we can improve Ozcarpool please email us.
If you are already using Ozcarpool to commute please let us how it's going, we would love to hear your feedback.
At Ozcarpool, we feel that your most valuable asset is time.
We think it's almost a crime to spend so much of our most valuable asset just getting to work and back home. We are trying to improve that situation so you can spend your time in other, more enjoyable activities.
Owning a vehicle is expensive enough, especially when you factor in the high costs of car insurance, fuel, registration, parking, maintenance and tolls. Ozcarpool gives you the opportunity to dramatically reduce some of these costs.
We hope that Ozcarpool can change your life.
Thanks for your support and please enjoy using Ozcarpool.
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