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Code of Behaviour

Carpooling should be seen as a friendly and less expensive way to get to and from work. Ozcarpool is not designed for drivers to make a profit from fellow passengers or for passengers to bum free rides to work. Mutual respect of fellow passengers and their vehicles is the key to a successful carpooling experience. Consider the following suggestions to help arrange your trip.


Exchanging cash is not the preferred method of reimbursing a driver but the decision is entirely up to you. Instead of cash you could offer to reimburse using petrol vouchers or filling up the petrol tank with a prearranged amount of fuel that will cover your share of the travel cost which may include tolls and parking.

Ideally, taking turns at rotating vehicle use is the best way to carpool, although this isnít always possible as some passengers may not have a vehicle of their own.

Whichever method you use, it is best to agree BEFOREHAND on a fair reimbursement amount that takes into account petrol, tolls and parking fees.

Be on Time

Nothing can spoil a carpool experience more than an habitual latecomer. Make sure you stick to your agreed pick-up time and have rules that everyone in your group is aware of. Agree on a suitable amount of waiting time.

Have a Plan B Ready

Sometimes things can go wrong. Always have an alternative way to get to and from your destination should that happen. Be sure to have everyone's phone number so all are aware of any changes as soon as possible to allow time to put plan B into action.

Other Points to Consider

Donít use the shared trip to do your shopping or any personal affairs. View carpooling only as a way to get directly to and from work. Decide on policies such as smoking, use of the radio and who sits in the front and back before the ride.


People who carpool are amazed at how enjoyable it is to share the drive to work with someone else.

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