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why car-pool?

Driving a car to and from work is an expense that gets more costly every year. By sharing the expense you won’t save just a few dollars a week but thousands of dollars per year.

Fuel costs, car insurance, maintenance, tolls and car parking are costs that quickly add up.

Take a moment to look at our cost tables to work out your savings. You will probably be amazed at just how expensive it is just getting to and from work.


Average Vehicle Operating Costs (weekly)

Light Car $160.00
Small Car $180.00
Medium Car $220.00
Large Car $240.00
Note: These costs do not include tolls or parking fees.

By alternating car use, you will minimise wear and tear on your car because you are driving far fewer kilometres than you normally would in a year. This will result in a greater resale value of your car in the future.  The more people in your carpool the less often you have to use your vehicle.


Emmisions from motor vehicles is one of the the biggest causes of air pollution. Fewer cars on our roads each day will result in an improvement of air quality. During typical  peak-hour rushes you will see the vast majority of cars have just one occupant which is an enormous waste of energy and space on the roads when most cars are capable of carrying up to five people.

Now more than ever  it makes sense to carpool when you consider the high cost of fuel and parking fees in most cities and also the fact that most major freeways are now tollways.

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